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We, the editors, writers and facilitators at Alternative Healthy Living (AHL), believe that the best way to live a healthy lifestyle is to:

  • Eat properly balanced nutritional foods, as natural and organic as possible
  • Take care of mental and emotional health along with your physical health
  • Take minimal medication necessary for medical conditions, and then use as natural and as little as necessary to treat the conditions
  • Exercise the body and mind and keep both active
  • Avoid stress, harsh medication, surgery and other invasive stimulus to the body, when an alternative, less-invasive method works
  • Save money, time and energy by using natural treatments and therapies, many from your own kitchen or home, for treating medical conditions that aren’t life-threatening.

We also believe, however, that sometimes medication, surgery, stress, emotional strain and poor lifestyle choices are unavoidable. Our publications, websites, articles and information are to be complementary to your healthy lifestyle and traditional medical treatment. We urge all readers and visitors to this site to please consult with your licensed, experienced and trusted healthcare professional before using any of these methods in place of or in addition to any of your medical therapies, treatments or instructions.

That said, Alternative Healthy Living also recommends that our readers find a licensed health professional who is friendly to alternative, all-natural and homeopathic treatments, therapies and modalities, so that you can best blend the scientific/medical tradition with the natural, healthy complementary alternative therapies.

We also encourage everyone to read all you can about non-tradition therapies and be certain you understand and discuss all the risks, benefits, interactions or problems you personally might have with any non-traditional therapy or treatment and discuss those with your licensed healthcare practitioner. Any information on this site is offered as is, and is based on the personal experiences of the contributors who have provided this information, and is not a substitute for medical treatment or advice. AHL only provides this website, its publications and its content for information and research purposes, and is not responsible for any difficulties one might experience from following this advice. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, the contributors on this website are not licensed healthcare professionals, and are not offering medical instruction, advice or treatment.