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Beauty of Uses for Essential Oils

Burn Scar Prevention With Lavender Essential Oil

file6311331753644Lavender Helps Burn Pain and Scar Appearance Improvement

Several years ago, I had never heard of essential oils. One day, I took a plate of manicotti out of the microwave, and while carrying the plate, with cheese and sauce so hot it was bubbling still, I tripped and spilled the entire plate against my bare chest. The resulting burn was so bad that when I wiped the sauce and cheese from my chest with a towel, it pulled skin off with it, leaving me with second- and third-degree burns.

A quick visit to the ER later, and I was sent home with some cooling gel and antibiotics as well as pain medication, narcotics. While the narcotic pain medication did help reduce the pain and allow me to sleep some at night, during the day, in the heat of West Texas where I lived, it did little to alleviate the pain and made my head fuzzy and concentration was difficult.

A friend of mine mailed me something she swore would be a magic cure for my pain. I was skeptical. It seems whenever you let people know there’s something wrong, everyone has their own ‘home remedy’ to ‘cure’ your condition. Well, this time, she was right. What she sent me was lavender essential oil, a 15ml bottle. Read the rest of this entry »

Natural or Pesticide-free Mosquito Repellant

Repel Pests Without Pesticides

by Michelle Devon

If mosquitoes are driving you batty, but you’re afraid to use strong pesticides around your kids and pets, these natural mosquito repellants might just help!

My son is allergic to mosquitoes. That’s nothing new to me or to him, but sadly, he’s also allergic to many of the products and pesticides used to repel or kill mosquitoes too. This situation causes us to get more creative about finding ways to protect him from mosquito bites, so he doesn’t have to stay doped up on Benadryl all spring and summer. Read the rest of this entry »

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