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Sexual & Hormone Health

Myths About Safe Sex and Recommendations for Safer Sex

No Sex is ‘Safe’, but There Are Actions to Take to Make Sex Safer

by Michelle Devon

Sex education classes are becoming more commonplace now than ever before, and that is due in part to increasing rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Teaching abstinence is clearly not working as effectively as one would hope for teens, and for adults who make the adult decision to have sexual relations, it is important to learn what’s real and what’s myth about ‘safe sex’.

My daughter is currently a college student, and she has a core group of friends whose ages range from 18 to about 25 years of age, all in various stages of their sexual lives. Some of her friends are virgins, two couples in her group are married with one of the couple having two children already, and then some are sexually active single friends. Read the rest of this entry »

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