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Mental Health

Warning Signs and Symptoms of Internet Addiction

Is it Real? How Can You Tell If You or a Loved One Suffers from Internet Addiction?

1432157_43442836Have you ever wondered if you were addicted to the internet? Do you have a loved one who spends all their time on the computer, talking to others online but not to you? Read this article to learn some of the warning signs of internet addiction.

The internet can be a fun place, with a lot of things to do, information, resources, chat, messaging, forums and groups-you can find something that suits your fancy, no matter what your fancy might be. The internet has also provided a bit of anonymity to people who might want to purchase things they normally would not be willing to purchase from a store in person. You can research for school or work. You can make money, blog, buy and trade and sell things, and start an eBusiness. You can even view pornography, if that’s what suits you. In fact, there’s not a lot you can’t do nowadays on the internet. That all being said, how can you tell if your or a loved one’s fascination with the internet has become less of a tool and more of an obsession? Read the rest of this entry »

Depression Really is a Medical Condition

stethoscope notepadDepression is Much More Than Just Feeling Sad

We all get sad sometimes, and we all have bouts of what we have come to call depression, but the truth is, there are lots of different types of depression.

There is a mental health issue known as depression. This type of depression is usually short lived, situational, and while it is caused by a chemical and/or hormonal change, when you change the circumstances that have caused this type of depression, the brain begins to release and/or re uptake new chemicals, and this type of depression goes away.

Then there is something that is becoming more well-known that is called clinical or medical depression. This type of depression really has little to do with circumstances or situations in one’s life. However, it should be noted that circumstances can indeed exacerbate and make it worse. A person with clinical or medical depression gets depressed, just like everyone else does, but in their brain, there is a malfunction of the neurotransmitters that does not allow the brain to release and/or re uptake the chemicals necessary to move out of this state of being. Read the rest of this entry »

Grieving: Relationship Losses, Death, Break Up and Divorce

suffering-910632-mLosing a relationship is never easy. It seems that people who lose a loved one through death receive different support than those who lose someone through a break up. This article explores the need for grieving when the loss wasn’t through from death.
There are stages of grief that must be experienced when a significant loss has been suffered in one’s life. The standard accepted stages of grief are as follows:

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

Read the rest of this entry »

Advice to Teens: How to Know when You’re in Love

Love and Infatuation and Attraction Are Different Things: How Do You Know the Difference?

As a mom of two kids, one who has just passed her teen years and one who is just moving into his, one of the questions they both have asked me is about love, relationships, and of course, sex. I like to think of myself as a somewhat progressive parent, in that I have no problems discussing real-life issues and my own experiences with my children. I’m honest with them, with age appropriateness, about my experiences in love and relationships.There are a lot of relationship scenarios and situations even adults don’t understand. If adults can’t even understand these ‘grownup’ things, I think it’s hardly fair that teens are expected to understand them.How to Know When You’re in Love: Love Doesn’t Make Sense Read the rest of this entry »

Brainwave Entrainment: Improve Concentration, Sleep, Reduce Pain and More

Brainwaves, Binuaral Beats, Can Improve Quality of Life Naturally

The brain produces energy waves, commonly called brainwaves, that pulse at certain frequencies or vibration. These vibrations resonate with the vibrational energy of everything around us.

Have you ever walked into a room where electronic equipment was buzzing and it gave you a headache or made you cranky or irritable? That’s evidence of vibrational energy colliding with your own brainwaves to alter mood and physical function. Read the rest of this entry »

Kangaroo Care for Babies and Infants

Cozy and Comfortable, Kangaroo Care Helps Preemies, Sick Infants, and More

When an baby is newborn, he or she has to get used to living in a different environment from the womb, where a baby is completely surrounded by warm amniotic fluid and the sound of mom’s heartbeat and body. Kangaroo Baby Care is a means of helping the newborn or infant get back a little of the familiarity of the womb while also getting used to the harsher environment of being in the world.

How Kangaroo Care is Performed Read the rest of this entry »

How to Choose a Perfume or Cologne to Attract a Partner

Why Humans Wear Perfume: Pheromones and Fragrances

All human beings secrete pheromones, which are chemical scents that our bodies produce, specifically for attracting other humans. All animals, humans included, produce these scents that attract members of their same species. Generally, the scents are to attract the opposite gender, in order to facilitate procreation and thus ensure the survival of the species.

Therefore, it makes sense that scent is directly, biologically, chemically ingrained as part of the mating ritual. Factor that out to the social aspect of dating, mating, marrying, etc., and you get perfumes and colognes meant to entice the opposite gender by making the male or female smell ‘more’ male or female. The point: to be more sexually exciting or interesting to members of the opposite sex. Read the rest of this entry »

Helpful Resources for Troubled Teens

When Your Teen is in Trouble, There is Help

When a teen in your life is in trouble, finding help for that troubled teen and support for you is crucial. However, finding that help when it is needed the most is a daunting task, particularly when emotions and tensions are high. Let’s look at some helpful resources for various types of problems faced by troubled teens.

Suicide Help for Troubled Teens Read the rest of this entry »

Waiting for a Medical Diagnosis

How to Handle the Wait for Results on Medical Testing

Many years ago, I worked for an early intervention and advocacy agency that specialized in assisting HIV/AIDS patients in diagnosing, treating and living with HIV or AIDS. One of the things our agency advocated was early intervention and testing, particularly for high-risk patients, because the quality of life and treatment was drastically improved with early detection.

I still remember taking my first HIV test when I worked there, because employees had to be tested regularly. While I was not in a high-risk category and I didn’t participate in risky behavior, there was still a moment of pause to reflect upon, “What if the results come back positive?” We had to wait three days to get the results. Those were a long three days. Fortunately, as expect, my results were negative.

A couple of years prior to that, an employee at a company where I worked tested positive for tuberculosis, and the entire staff had to be tested for it too. Having worked quite closely with this man when he was coughing before he was diagnosed, I was very nervous about the results of that TB test. Again, another three-day wait for results, but at least on that one, I could see the spot on my arm where the test was performed and knew I was negative before they ever read the results.

Last week, I went to the doctor for a particularly odd-looking rash that had developed on one of my breasts. I had ignored it, mostly, putting on cream and Benadryl for the itch, but the rash persisted and actually spread. When a new spot developed on the top part of my breast, I knew (with some coaxing from family) that it was time to go to the doctor.

The physician’s assistant inspected my breasts, palpated them, then palpated the axillary region (the area under the arms and down my sides). She prescribed a cream for the rash, stating that if it was what she hoped it was, the rash would begin to clear up in a day or two. However, because of the tenderness and swelling of the lymph glands in the axillary region, she also referred me for ultrasonography of my breasts and axillary region. Why? To rule out or confirm a diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer.

I wasn’t nervous then. I wasn’t scared then. I wasn’t even stunned. In fact, I almost had expected the testing.

But when we couldn’t get an appointment until a week later, I went home, waited, and began to do things I’m going to advise you not to do while waiting for a medical diagnose.

Don’t Read Conditions on the Internet While Waiting for a Medial Diagnosis

The worst thing I did while waiting for the testing and diagnosis was to start searching the internet for the symptoms, treatment, and problems associated with the condition for which I was being tested. Every page said virtually the same thing, and very little of it was positive or encouraging. In fact, it really only served to scare me and make the waiting harder.

Don’t be Alone While Waiting for a Medical Diagnosis

If you live alone, maybe you should visit friends and family while waiting for a medical diagnosis. I know that I wouldn’t have made it this far through the wait if not for my family and loved ones. Take a trip if you can. Go out with friends for dinner. Do something, anything with people so you’re not sitting alone doing nothing but thinking about waiting for the diagnosis.

Keep Busy While Waiting for a Medical Diagnosis

If the medical condition you’re being tested for makes you feel lousy, like mine does, keeping busy will help you feel better, or at least take your mind off feeling lousy. If you can work, do so. If you can’t work, catch up on reading, or housekeeping, or even play video games. I wrote an article awhile back about how video games can help with pain management, and I think they can help with the frustration and fear and worry of waiting for a medical diagnosis too.

Tell People You’re Waiting for a Medical Diagnosis

There’s no reason to keep your wait for a medical diagnosis a secret. People are, by nature, kind and generous individuals and if you let them support you, they usually will. Hugs, virtual or in person, kind words, positive energy and prayers can give you strength and support, and who knows–maybe a miracle and your test results will come back better than you could have imagined.

Talk about Your Feelings While Waiting for a Medical Diagnosis

Holding your feelings inside will simply cause you to build up to an explosion of emotion. It’s better to discuss your feelings with someone, like friends or family or to call a trained mental health professional, so you can discuss your feelings. Sometimes, just having someone safe to talk to or blow off steam can make a huge difference while waiting for a medical diagnosis. Who knows, someone might just say the right thing to alleviate your fears or at least get your mind off the wait for the diagnosis.

Not only do I have to wait for the test, which isn’t scheduled until Tuesday, but I also have to wait for the results of the test as well. In the meantime, I’m keeping busy, talking to friends and family, and trying not to research anything more about the condition for which I’m waiting for a medical diagnosis.

If things go well for you, the diagnosis will be something simply and easily curable, and your life will resume with full quality. If the diagnosis is not positive, then you can be proactive and begin taking the steps to make your life better and as healthy and fulfilling as it can be while you work through your condition.

Sex After Menopause

Does Female Sexuality End After Menopause?

Menopause is a time of change in the way a woman’s body functions, which is why menopause is often called ‘the change of life’. Some women look at menopause as a very freeing thing, while others look at menopause as the end of their youth or even let menopause affect how they see themselves as a woman. How a woman views menopause can affect how she feels about herself and her body while going through menopause, and those feelings, along with physical changes in the body, can have a profound impact on an otherwise normal sex life.

Even though there are many body changes that can result from menopause, the one thing that doesn’t have to change is having an active, satisfying sex life after menopause. In fact, for a wife and a mother, menopause might just be the best sex time in her life! Think about it: no worries about pregnancy or birth control; the kids are grown or almost grown; and since men go through their own hormonal changes at about the same age, he might just have to physically spend more time on foreplay! Read the rest of this entry »

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