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Benefits for Adult Breastfeeding or Adult Nursing Relationships

Can Adults Reap Benefits to Drinking Breast Milk and Adult Nursing?

In this world, it takes all kinds of people to make the world go ’round, and in the past, I’ve written on some unusual relationships, including polyamorous relationships, objectum sexual relationships, and others. In this article, I want to discuss adult breastfeeding or adult nursing relationships.

I stumbled upon an article about adult breastfeeding in an adult nursing relationship and initially was quite surprised. Then, when I continued reading and thinking about it, the positive aspects of adult breastfeeding, both in and out of an adult nursing relationship, began to make sense to me.

What is an Adult Breastfeeding?

Simply put, adult breastfeeding is when an adult consumes a woman’s breast milk. There are many reasons why this might happen, and one of the most common ones has to do with health reasons. Breast milk is, for the most part, completely sanitary, cannot spoil, is mostly hypoallergenic, full of nutrition and infection-fighting potential, packed with calories and good fats and proteins, and the list just goes on.

In fact, breast milk is so healthy and safe (provided the woman who nurses is healthy and disease free) that cancer patients have been given breast milk to help boost their immune system and help keep them healthy and to maintain their weight and nutrition during chemotherapy treatments.

What’s good for baby is good for any human being. In fact, some studies clearly indicate that any human being could thrive, not just survive but thrive, on a diet of pure breast milk from a healthy woman.

What is an Adult Nursing Relationship?

An adult nursing relationship is a physical, intimate relationship between two people, where one of the parties to the relationship nurses from a woman who either is or is not lactating. I tried doing some searches about adult nursing relationships and found that, though there are many searches on the subject, there aren’t a lot of resources or information. From what I was able to find, it seems clear to me that every adult nursing relationship is unique.

Adult Nursing Relationship With or Without Lactation (Relactation)

While some adult nursing relationships include adult breastfeeding, such as a man or a woman suckling and drinking breast milk from a lactating female, some adult nursing relationships are simply the physical act of suckling, without actual lactation. However, it seems with regular suckling or stimulation, many woman can begin lactating or lactating again (if the woman has already given birth and lactated once in her life, it’s called relactation).

Adult Nursing Relationships with Sexual Component

Some adult nursing relationships are one aspect of a sexual relationship between partners, husband and wife or committed lovers. This type of adult breastfeeding/ adult nursing relationship usually occurs after a child is born and the idea of breastfeeding or lactation becomes a part of every day reality for a couple.

There are, however, some couples who enjoy adult breastfeeding and adult nursing relationships with each other who have never had children. Some might call adult nursing relationships a sexual perversion, a sexual fetish, or a sexual act, but most couples who share in an adult nursing relationship feel the connection and intimate bond with their nursing partner goes beyond sex and is more intimate and emotional than it is physical.

Adult Nursing Relationships without Sexual Component

Some people have a psychological need to nurture, give sustenance to, or receive comfort and stress relief from entering into an adult nursing relationship, and for these people, an adult nursing relationship might develop without any sexual component. That is to say, the nursing aspect of the relationship is either separate from or not a part of the relationship with the other person. Breastfeeding and adult nursing are not always sexual activities or even foreplay to sexual activities for many adult nursing relationships.

Adult Breastfeeding without Adult Nursing Relationship

There are some adults who choose to drink breast milk, either for health or immunity issues, who do not physically nurse from a lactating woman. Breast milk is packed with fat, calories, good protein and lots of health immune boosting properties. For someone who is ill, immuno-compromised, or at an unhealthy low weight, adult breastfeeding is an easy on the system way to add pounds and boost immunity.

More about Adult Nursing Relationships and Adult Breastfeeding

Finding information about adult breastfeeding and adult nursing relationships on the internet was difficult at best. The majority of the results I found were based on pornography and sexuality, but the few relevant links I did find made it clear that the majority of adult nursing relationships are not sexual in natural–or at least, they are not exclusively sexual.

It seems there’s a clear intimate bonding experience that occurs during adult nursing that is pleasurable to both parties on a physical, emotional and psychological basis. While I realize there are many who will think an adult nursing relationship is strange, and I’ll admit that was my instinctive reaction too, the more I thought about adult nursing relationships, the more this type of intimate relationship made sense to me.

We all have things we enjoy, both sexually and intimately–having someone stroke our hair, scratch our backs, rub our feet–while other people might not enjoy those same things. I see adult nursing relationships to be very similar to those types of intimate things–it might not be for everyone, but I see nothing wrong or strange about those who enjoy this type of relationship.

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425 Responses to “Benefits for Adult Breastfeeding or Adult Nursing Relationships”

  • Linn:

    I need to find a woman with whom I can breast feed. I need the milk and the relationship. Thank you.

    • M:

      Are you still looking ?

    • Mummy26:

      I’m female 26 and have 36j breaststroke would love to try. X

      • James:

        I want to help u induce. 40 WM reply to me at Florida13130@yahoo.com

      • Joshua:

        Hi I’m looking for a breastfeeding partner at any age between 20-60. Either wet or dry nursing, induced lactating, or would also be happy to assist in relactation with a single woman or married couple. Im not looking for a sexual friendship just nursing to enjoy.

        Please be located in Westchester County, Ulster County, Dutchess County in New York.

        I’m very nurturing and down to earth young adult man.

        Please email with any specific questions.

      • Ronnie:

        I am looking for attractive woman in or near keysberg KY near TN line . Near Springfield TN.931 272 4557

        • Ronnie:

          Sorry I forgot to say that I want long term live in so she I can nurse everyday I live alone in the country. I have 30 yrs of experience in this and know how to latch on and draw the milk out. So if wanting a true partner and would like place to live give me call.

          • Ronnie:

            Sorry of coarse wanting adult breastfeeding relationship

      • Callum:

        I was wondering if anyone lived in Plymouth if so can I be your baby as your breastfeeding me BTW I’m 14 is that ok?

      • Frank:

        I am a 47yo mwm here in Orange County looking fora woman to begin a ANR with. I desire the closeness that only this type of relationship could bring. If you are in OC, I would love to chat and see if we are a match.

      • Nathalie:

        Hi I am a very attractive young women i would love to be the one to suck on your breast you can txt me or call me at anytime so we can get to know each other at 7186752553

      • Nathalie:

        Hi I am a very attractive young women seeking a lactating or dry nurse woman all i dont care if your fat over weight just as long as you have big boobs, you can txt me or call me at anytime so we can get to know each other at 7186752553

      • David:

        I would be interest if you are still available..I am in texas where u

    • Jeaneth:

      I want to try relacting. I’m to Dallas Texas. One man to want help me.

      • James Hernandez:

        I’m looking for a woman to breastfeed me every day!

      • Loyd:

        hey Jeaneth, i just say your ad and i am really into this abf. i helped my ex wife get into it after she became pregnant. i have always been so intrigued by it and love a women who nurishes the world through breasts. that is so amazing. anyway dont know how long your ad has been up but decided to write anyway. if not in relationship woulf love to elp a lady accomplish her goals and i could get the benefit as well. i would appreciate a message back from you if you have time and havent found someone to help you. hope to hear from you soon. loyd. email is loko1950@gmail.com

      • Bijan:

        Im in dallas and would love to help you. Contact me on email bijanshadman817@gmail.com

      • David:

        Jeaneth,..are you still looking? would like to talk with you.

      • Solo:

        I’m in Dallas as well jeaneth solofish 911 at g,mail dot com
        Any woman to ANR, ABF in Dallas as well I would like to find a lovely lady and help before or after pregnancy or relactating or just nursing hope to hear from you couples ok

    • Bob:

      Looking For ANR/ABF in Dayton , Oh area.
      can host, clean, single, posted 10/14/17
      Thank you

    • dmlia:

      Any one in Jakarta Indonesia

      • Ed:

        Are you female looking for ANR in jakarta?

    • J.B.:

      Looking for someone in So Cal to have an ABF with. J.keepmovinforward@gmail.com. My supply is beginning to dwindle. Needing someone close for daily meets (if possible).

  • Linn:

    I would like to find a woman in the Piedmont section of N. C. to start a breast feeding relationship.

    • Tracy:

      R u male or female?

      • joanna robinson:

        I am looking for someone to breastfeed me.

    • D:

      Where in the piedmont of NC?

      • Todd:

        Hi! Are you still interested in ANR? I would love to find a woman in NC to develop this with!

        • Jc:

          Female in guilford co nc looking for ANR interest in relacatating And need help doing so I tend to over produce so I need someone who will empty daily only serious inquires only. I am not looking for a sexual relationship. just enjoy nursing

          • Ted:

            I am in NYC and interested in an ANR relationship. Not sure how old this is but…

          • bruce hageman:

            I am buying frozen breast milk now from a married friend, been doing this from different women for twenty years. I love the flavour but do it for health benefits. How much would you charge for the “fresh” breast milk, say about four ounces? I am not sexually interested in it but would enjoy the experience of it being fresh. If you are still lactating and still interested, please get in touch with me.

            Thanks, Bruce

          • jerry:

            I would very much like to talk to you, perhaps meet?

            Thank you

          • Mical:

            I live in Kernersville and would love to try it sometime.

          • Very much interested I live in the high point area please consider me mature single family men divorced living with family will to travel in N.C. I would do my best to accomodate hyour desire thank for considering me I’m descret secure and ddf swm good luck

    • Marie:

      Very interested in ABF. I’m in NC. Would love to talk and see if you are available. Thanks and look forward to your reply.

      • Todd:

        Hi Marie, if you’re still looking for an ANR partner, I would LOVE to be that person! I’ve wanted to do this for so long. Let me know if you’re interested…

      • Glen:

        I am a white male who enjoys adult breast feeding. I am in NC and am very experienced in this as I once had a 3 year ANR. If you are interested, please email me.

        • Denise:

          Hello are you still seeking

      • James:

        Hello Marie! I’m in NC and looking to get into an ABF relationship. Let me know if your still looking and Ava. I look forward to hearing from you.

        • Santos:

          If you are in New Jersey contact this woman – sexyrossi86@gmail.com
          if in Florida – bflower37@yahoo.com

          Both are intelligent woman. Communicated only through mail and perfect companion. Had great time with both these woman.

      • hi marie i live in north carolina are you still looking for a nursing partner? i’m in my mid twenties, white, male, attractive, and healthy. ngma88@gmail.com is my email. thanks!

      • James:

        I am in Raleigh. Where are you located? My email is ww_dell@yahoo.com
        I hope to hear from you soon!

      • Will:

        I’m not sure how old this post is, but I am very interested in finding a woman who would share her breast milk with me. I’m a male living in the area not far from Charlotte and can get to most piedmont areas quickly. Would love to hear from you. 11/16/16

        • Izzy:

          Will, would you be interested in relactation? I’m married but am interested in a abf relationship but am not lactating. I would be interested in just suckling as well.

          • Mical:

            Are you located in the Triad area of NC or close by?

      • bruce hageman:

        Marie, any idea how to contact one another without it becoming public domain on this website?

      • bruce hageman:

        Male looking for ABF/ANR relationship, living in North Carolina. Healthy; mild mannered and up-front; looking for the same. long2binhampshire@gmail.com

      • Mark O.:


        Would love an opportunity to get together with you. I’m in Raleigh and quite mobile. Lunch first?

      • jerry:

        Let’s touch base please

      • jerry:

        Hi Marie,
        I’d like to talk with you please


      • Loyd:

        dear sweet marie. i bet if i really dreamed hard i could almost taste your sweet milk. i would love to help to empty your breast or if not lactating help to bring you in full production mode as much as you like. i have always wanted to do that i have tasted my ex wife when she was nursing. i know if you are not lactating i could help you to get some started. i am single and if your ad is not to old and your not in a relationship i would love to talk to about maybe starting this with you. loyd

      • John:

        Hi Marie, are you still looking

    • cece:

      I am in the Piedmont/Greensboro area of NC looking for a man to help me start lactation again. I have been wanting to find a man that would enjoy this for a while. I know to do this both people have to be serious, so please be sure.

      • James:

        Hello Cece!! I am also in Greensboro and looking to get into an ABF relationship, and help you get going again. Let me know if your still looking and Ava. I look forward to hearing from you.

      • WEB:

        Are you still looking for someone?

      • Yes I would be willing to help restart Lactation I’m in the high point area good luck

    • bobbi:

      i always dreamt of tasting breast milk but its not easy to find women that are willing espically here in nc i am very interested in talking to you and i am in nc i am not good at talking about myself so if you might be interested stop by

    • Geo:

      I am new to this community, and I wanna get started asap! I’m in central NC, just north of Raleigh. Any ladies seeking a partner to suckle you?

      • Geo:

        Contact me at seanevans5326@gmail.com. i crave to taste a woman’s warm milk and experience the sensual energetic exchange of an ABF/ANR session

  • swabhusa:

    A very informative et importent article indeed.I personally like this very much as i too,am a breastmilk fetish.om.

  • Lisa:

    I live in central UK, and there seems to be nobody that’s into this. Male or female suckler wanted to help me re-lactate.. I can return the favour

    • Tom:

      Hi Lisa,

      I’m interested and would love to help you relactate. I recently tried breastmilk and have a taste for it now.

    • milkplease:

      hi lisa im in the uk and would love to breastfeed

    • Antonio:

      Hi Lisa,
      Are you still seeking help in lactating.
      Willing and healthy man in the UK seeking the peace and fulfilment of being breastfed by a caring woman.

    • Del:

      If you are still in need I also live in the Midlands and would be happy to help you out.
      I am a mature male that was denied breast feeding by my late wife and I would like this experience before I get much older.

    • calum:

      hi lisa im calum 44 slim ,muscular and attractive…married but seperated man in birmingham west midlands looking for an anr partner …have been in a long term anr before which was fantastic and would like to feel the warnth and sensuality that this provides again please if interested get in touch

    • ant:

      would love to find a women in the UK willing to breast feed me I’m from the West Midlands area and can travel contact me at. Iveblueyes@msn.com

    • Marty:

      Hi Lisa I’m a 37 year old man living in Reading and looking for an Adult Nursing Relationship. I think it would be a wonderful way to bond with a woman and share intimacy

      • kele:

        Hi r u interested i anr with a female?send me a line..and we see from there

        • Benton:


          I have a small business where men come to breast feed for health reasons. $300- 400 ph.
          Where do you live and are you breast feeding at present.

          • Jay:

            Just interested in details. Do you buy brrastmilk or do you have to be at your store in person? What does it pay?

    • Hugo:

      Hi are you still looking? send me a line please

      Looking forward


    • derrick:

      i am looking for an anr relationship long term been looking for years to find some one who loves to be suckled as and when she let me suckle contact me if your still interested in finding some one i am in nottinghamshire

    • derrick:

      would love to help you lactate have had many years of breastfeeding with my wife till she left and miss the closness of being breastfed and the taste of breast milk and would suckle till you was fully empty as many times a day as you like i live in nottinghamshire uk

    • Mark:

      Hi Lisa, I am in South Wales area and would like to try ABF. If you or any other female is interested please contact me at love machine46@gmail.com.

    • volta:

      I want to taste the mother’s milk, I believe it is healthy for the mental health of the woman I am looking for bedfellow turkey ankara

    • Graham:

      Hi Lisa I’m 68 years old and I would love to help you relactate.

    • Michael:

      I would love to meet a lady who has the love to breastfeed a good looking man
      I am 35 and live in UK ( Midlands )

    • MysteriousUK:


      I am also looking for a committed ANR relationship .. I am craving this … I am happy to put all the effort to help you lactate .. I live in the north of London .. Please contact me for a chat about this .. 🙂


    • Taz:

      Hi Lisa

      I’m not sure how old your post is but I’m based in the midlands and would love to speak to you about this x plz be in touch xx

    • Paul:

      Hi I don’t know whether not you can possibly help me at all I live in the UK Colchester Essex I am looking for a lady who is happy to breastfeed long term I don’t know whether or not this is something that you could help me with my current email address is shiptonpaul35@hotmail.co.uk I don’t know how old the post is or can you recommend anyone
      Kind regards
      PaulKind regards

  • red apples:

    reading this blog a number will accept this since it’s correct and its nifty finding a person telling this for us to think about

  • Tammy:

    kickback380@Gmail.com or text me. @ 870-825-2283 for dry suckling I have 36 dd’s love getting my tits sucked

  • Hi,

    I live in Orange County in Southern California and am looking for a lady ANR partner to meet for breastfeeding sessions. I am very good at massages, so that would be added benefit to you.


    • Vero:

      Are you still looking for a anr parter? I’m interested

      • Joe:

        Hello Vero ..I live near San Jose CA. I love breastfeeding are you interested contact me, I am a 29 Latin slim fit guy.

      • Super nice guy:

        Hi Vero, I am a fit, slender, happy, clean-cut single white guy in Orange County CA seeking warmth and closeness, not sex. Have been carefully looking for ABF/ANR for a year or more and still looking for the right situation. Could be part of a bigger relationship. or could be just what we agree it will be. I hope we can start a conversation. I am super respectful, easy on the eyes, a very very open communicator, and bring a lot of heart and warmth to any conversation we might have. Hope to hear from you! live.fully at yhoo dt com

    • Frank:

      Hi Ash. If you are still looking, i am in Orange County also. I have been looking for a woman to begin a ANR with. If you are interested, you can email me; yourtorso@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • John:

    Love to find a woman near Tacoma Washington that would enjoy breast feeding a mature man.

    • tim lane:

      Hello Bethany I tried your email it was returned I am in Tacoma and looking to be breastfed my name is tim I. An be reached by email at tlane518@live.com or phone or text message at (253) 495-3951
      Either one I am 37

      • Vsanchez:

        Are you still looking for someone I’m in Tacoma and want to try I’m married bit my husband isn’t interested in being breast fed. I haven’t produced so it will be alot of dry sucking until I start relactaing let me know if your interested

      • Rose:

        Are you still looking?

  • Thirsty man:

    Good article.
    I’m a coeliac . My doctor told me I should drink breastmilk.
    He said it would help me with my food allergy. It has great health benefits.
    Can’t find anyone. Sydney aust

    • Joy:

      Hi thirsty man,
      Wish I could help you. I’m seriously considering how much time it would take for me to re lactate and how to accommodate that with my work and kids.

      Hope you find someone soon…it’s very difficult to locate people in sydney I’m finding.

      • Thirsty man:

        Hi Joy,
        Would you consider an ANR with me?

  • luci:

    Looking for an ANR. I enjoyed nursing my children, now want an adult nursing relationship. I would love to lacta to produce milk. Want that nurturing environment. Live in Rockford, Mi

    • AJ:

      Hi luci I’m a man and I live in Wixom Michigan and I am looking for a breastfeeding relationship. Email me at ajules0206@aol.com if you’re interested.

    • Jill:

      HI Luci

      I do not live very far from you (Sand Lake MI area) and would love to talk to someone about ABR/ANR (with my husband) as I would like to start this but have never lactated. Let me know if you would be willing to chat.

      • Lizbeth:

        Hi Jill,

        I am also in Michigan- Saginaw. Did you find someone to help you relactate. I am married and my husband loves it, but I have no milk now. Were you successful? Do you want to try this journey together? I need some advice, etc. Fenugreek is about all I know … If so, we can exchange emails at first if you like.
        I wanted to find a “group” in Michigan, where we could meet once a month with our partners and share in ideas, etc.

    • Phillip:

      This article is very interesting. I would love to discuss this further with a nursing female. I live in Michigan and travel on a regular basis

  • Paige:

    my name’s Paige and I am fully lactating and very experienced in adult breastfeeding, I live along the gulf coast. I don’t jusge anyones reason to want to breastfeed, its different for everyone and I’m willing to help. If you’re interested feel free to e-mail me at Paigeforyou2@gmail.com 🙂

    • Mike Paducah KY:

      Paige, you sound like just the person I’m seeking. For me, emotional healing/comfort and health. I’d love to find an ANR, yet I’m in Paducah KY across the river from Metropolis IL. Mbmusic66 at yahoo.com

      • Ashley:

        I live in ky interested in breastfeeding have Milk would you help me out

  • Beth:

    My name is Beth and I live in a suburb of Cincinnati, OH. I am in search of a ANR partner in my area. I have not begun to lactate at the time I posted that but am actively taking steps to begin lactating. I would like to find a make partner in my area for a long-term, healthy relationship that would include regular breastfeeding sessions. If you are interested, please email me at consideringpossibilities@gmail.com

  • Alvin:

    I live between San Antonio TX and Austin TX and I am seeking a woman who will let me breast feed. I love the closeness and I enjoy suckling. If any ladies are looking for a partner in my area I would love to hear from them. sonny4616@lycos.com Iam also willing to help induce or dry nurse.

    • MILKY J:

      I am in Copperas Cove and am relatating. Would like to enkoy the company of a ANR

      • Newfella:

        MilkyJ if you still seeking ANR I’m just outside Briggs TX. Not experienced but want to try AnR

  • Suzi:

    I am looking for an anr partner that lives in the Peidment area of Nc (Greensboro/OAK Ridge).
    I am just starting to relactate and need someone or a couple that cann help.

    • m:

      are you still looking?

    • doc:

      Have you found someone? I’m in oak ridge, highly interested in a relationship.

    • Ted in NC:


      I would love to help you. I am not far away and would enjoy this for bonding and health benefits.

    • jerry:

      Hi Suzi,
      Let’s talk please.


  • Thirsty:

    22 year old, white male looking for an ANR around Philly/Trenton. don’t mind helping to induce! email me at stuffandstuff5@hotmail.com

  • michael:

    I would like to fine some a partner that likes ANR. I have experanced it and it is the most wonderfull thing I have ever done it brings a couple closer than anything I know of. I live in Oregon now and would like to find someone that would love to share the intmente incounter with me.

    • Diana:

      I’m in Eugene, OR. I would love to find an ANR partner! My sippy has gone down recently, I’d love help bringing it back.

      • Aron:

        Hi Diana,
        Here in the Willamette valley and a moving experience got me interested in an ANR. If you’re healthy and still interested hope to hear from you. Thx

        • Robert:

          Hi Diana .. my phone number in Eugene is
          – 909-913-0820

      • Robert:

        Hi Diana .. are you still looking for a ANR partner? I am in Eugene also (north side)

      • Zach:

        Hey there. 25/w/m on the McKenzie river. Are you still around? My email is frnknstn43@gmail.com

      • Frank:

        Hi Diana, I’m in Eugene too, I have looked for a woman to share an ANR with for a while. I’ve had one, I had a friend who was pregnant and wanted me to, I was reluctant but once we started it was amazing, really amazing, I loved suckling her full breasts, it was really wonderful til her male partner wanted to get back with her after the baby was born so we lost touch, anyway, i’m fun and drama free, laid back, VERY oral, warm soft patient mouth, good looking 47, nice body, not hairy, good hygiene, say hi if you’re interested, i love your open mind

  • Moe:

    Make seeking female to breastfeed me in Toronto area

  • 36 year old average male looking for an ANR with lactating female. Live in the La Crosse area of Wisconsin. Please email me if you are interested and close by.

    • EJ:

      Hello, I am in Iowa. Curious about starting this, interested?

    • Tracy:

      I have been looking for a anr partner, I’m in hudson, not to far. 🙂

  • ant:

    hi looking for UK women willing to breastfeed me ,I’m from the west mids and willing to travel to local areas contact me if your interested iveblueyes@msn.com

  • wellwisher:

    Hi Dear,

    Indian male here looking for an ANR for short term only.
    Interested lactating female in and around Philly please do email me.

  • Carrie:

    I live in Olympia Washington I am 27 years old I have degeneration of the spine and disc I am looking for a woman to begin the ANR bound as this can also reverse my condition and can reduce my pain.

  • Carrie:

    I live in Olympia Washington I am 27 years old I have degeneration of the spine and disc I am looking for a woman to begin the ANR bound as this can also reverse my condition and can reduce my pain. Please text me at 2533630139

  • Stephen:

    Older male in Columbus, OH looking for partners for Adult Nursing relationship. I have prior experience but has been awhile. I love to suckle and love fresh milk. Willing to travel to you if inCCentral Ohio area. Looking for women of any age, race, size but must want to he nursed.

    • Sweetness:

      Too bad I didn’t know when I lived in Columbus, lost my milk due partner not into daily nursing and pumping didn’t empty the breast to keep the flow going. Omgosh I miss it everyday.

    • are you still looking for a anr, I have started process to lactate for this enjoyment. contact me. in Columbus Ohio

    • Miss E:

      Stephen are you still looking for an anr relationship? I am in the Cincinnati are and would like to start an anr. I have never lactated before but have just started the process to induce it.

      • Jason:

        Hi Miss E I’m in the Cincinnati area if your still interested,, Jason

      • Ron:

        I am west of the Indianapolis airport contact runner4855@gmail.com

      • mike:

        Hey i’m in dayton ohio
        want to chat
        I am handsome 39 swm

        lets trade pics


        i want anr

      • Miss e have always loved it. Since little always trying to get peak at boobs. Considerate of
        The woman. Have done
        Some. Wet or dry would be special to do. In Cincinnati.

    • Susanne:

      I am looking for a dry nursing relationship with male or female that loves to suck. I live in eastern ohio. Are you still into this?

    • Lisa:

      I’m in Marion Ohio looking for a suckling partner to help me relactate. Are you still looking! Please make contact. I am feeling desperate to be suckled.

    • Michele:

      Are you still intrested in ANR?
      I’ve never lactate but would love to yry. I’m here in Columbus, Ohio
      Let me know.

  • chuck:

    44yo seeking an anr lactating or help in relactation preferably in central Pennsylvania email me at chezz40@hotmail.com.

  • Tim:

    I am looking for a female in Tacoma Washington for breastfeeding for my health the woman who has been breastfeeding me has decided to stop lactating please e mail me at
    Tim lane
    That number and e mail goes straight to me

  • BTLER:

    I live in Sonoma County, in Northern Ca. I am looking for a women for an ANR partner. I am an experienced suckler, and I have helped several women to induce their milk, increase their flow, and maintain their milk. I’m looking for a women who would enjoy breastfeeding a man on a regular basis. I love frequent and prolonged suckling sessions. If you are interested you can reach me at btser44m@gmail.com

  • mlkmn:

    Experienced middle age SWM seeking to satisfy the nursing desires of a Lady in the Palm Desert area of Coachella Valley in Southern CA. Am very excited to nurse at your breast to serve your needs for dry/wet nursing! Ladies, you truly are all a special gift from Mother Nature!!! m.

  • Dawn932:


    I live in the UK and would love for someone to help increase my flow, and would love to have an ANR with either a male or female. Just started relactation with a few drops of milk produced. I can be contacted at dwn932@btinternet.com.

  • Dawn932:

    Sorry that should be dawn932@btinternet.com.

  • guil:

    I’m a 37 year old guy who is looking for a woman that wants to start an ANR. Even if you don’t have milk, we’ll work to get your flow going. Or if you do have one, I’ll help you from getting engorged.

    • Titsuckler:

      I’m looking for a female anr/abf dry or wet. can help you to induce milk. I love lactated breasts!!
      Love suckling breasts. Im in sacramento ca

  • John:

    30 wm looking to start an ANR with a woman in the Sandhills area of NC. Been looking for a while and hoping to find someone who is willing to teach as well as enjoy. Email at manerd84@yahoo.com

  • Joseph:

    Hello everyone. I am looking for a woman for a serious ANR/ABF in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Please email if interested: minnesotaman75@gmail.com

    • renae:

      I am thinking about this. Please contact me and let talk.

      • John D.:

        Renae Are you still looking?

  • Breast milk lover:

    I am very interested in breast milk and lactation . i got a very strong desire to suckle breast milk .
    Breastmilklover2004 @yahoo.com

  • Santos:

    If you are in New Jersey contact this woman – sexyrossi86@gmail.com
    if in Florida – bflower37@yahoo.com

    Both are intelligent woman. Communicated only through mail and perfect companion. Had great time with both these woman.

    • Yash:

      Any suggestion in Atlanta GA area for ANR..

  • Stjanr:

    I am in Maryland looking for anr

  • Jason:

    Seeking a female in Toronto, Canada for an ANR. dude1232122@live.com

    • Kelly:

      I am not in Toronto but 2 hours away from Toronto.

      Are you still looking?

  • silver:

    looking for ANR women to breastfeed me in utah

  • Butch:

    I am a wm in my 60’s looking for attractive woman adult breastfeeding partner near Nashville Tennessee I have 30 yrs. experience and I know how to nurse and pump and suck the milk out. I have brought some women s milk in that have never been pregnant. If you are near me and want a experience partner and also a gentleman, that will treat you with respect, and never mistreat you. 6153897487 You want be sorry you contacted me.

    • LeeLee:

      Hi Butch,
      Just checking if you are still looking for an ANR/ABF partner. Please tell me if you are still searching. I am less than an hour from you, and would greatly enjoy a partner. I lactate easily, and truly enjoy it–although all my children are grown.

  • jessica:

    I would love to find a ANR partner. I want my breast suckled all the time. I live in metro atlanta, georgia.

    • John:

      Hey Jessica…I am here in Atlanta as well. Let me know If you would like to meet? Take care.

    • John:

      Hey Jessica! I am interested in ANR. I am here in Atlanta, GA.

    • Judson:

      I know I am too old, but I thought I would send you this mail anyway. The thoughts of adult breastfeeding just amazes me !!! Thrills me !!!! I think I could do that ALL the time. My wife doesn’t care for it, or anything else, so we just live together as friends. What a waste of life, I know. But we get by. I have my work and golf, and she has her “security”. I hope that you are doing well, and have nursing partners. I am in Columbus, GA.

    • Dan:

      Hi Jessica I’ve always wanted a ANR and am in atl area too. Please reply to see if we can benefit each other. Thanks in advance!

    • Yash:


      I lived in Atlanta Ga area and would love to be ANR partner. I am Asian and D&D Free. Please contact me if you are interested.

  • Jim:

    I am very interested in connecting with someone in central Indiana to share this with. I am a white, professional male. Not looking to change a marital status or even create a sexual relationship. Feel free to contact me and we can see if there is a mutual connection.

    • ahna:

      I’m in south bend. I’m lactating regularly. I sometimes breastfeed my neighbor but I noticed him liking me too much and I just want an anr with him. I’m looking for a new partner. South bend, in.

      • Nathan:

        Hi anha, are you still looking? 🙂

    • Gina:

      Hey Jim,

      Are you interested in an ANR as I am in Indiana too!

  • John:

    I am very interested in finding an ANR partner. I love to create the bond and love the taste of natural milk. I had the pleasure when I was 19 (in college) of being with a woman who had recently experienced childbirth. It was amazing!!! It was an incredible passion.
    I am 43, white, nice looking and very professional. I am in a sexless marriage…sorry, it happens. I will be respectful and private.

    I am in the Atlanta Area.


  • Gil:

    Would love to find an anr partner, in the Salt Lake City area. Open to conversation, text of you’d like at 801-642-4976

    • Carol:

      Hi are you still looking for someone to breastfeed you? I am dry but I am willing to have milk again. I live in Clearfield. If you want to talk send me a e mail.

  • color what:

    I am still searching for that elusive ANR/ABF. Committed to finding a partner for this mutually rewarding experience. If you are experienced or curious wet or dry I would like to hear from you. The first step is sending that email and lets take it from there. 6’0″ 190lbs,single, attractive, safe, D&D free, discreet if needed.I am still searching for that elusive ANR/ABF. Committed to finding a partner for this mutually rewarding experience. If you are experienced or curious wet or dry I would like to hear from you. The first step is sending that email and lets take it from there. 6’0″ 190lbs,single, attractive, safe, D&D free, discreet if needed.
    This is not a sex come-on. I know the ANR intimacy.
    I want to have an ANR with a woman who wants to realize the marvelous communication and oneness that develops between two people in an ANR. Your age, height, etc. is of little matter to me. Lactation or not, each brings its own specialness. I’m 6′ tall, blue eyes, brown hair, height-weight fine, debt free, experienced, sensitive, and ready to take on this important connection with one very special woman. Write to me:whatcolor@ymail.com

  • I am 26yo looking for lactating women in redmond,wa. My doctor suggested ABF, if you’re interested please email me at harmeet84.sohal@gmail.com.

  • Leslie:

    Looking to begin an ANR with a male or female in the DC/MD/VA area. I am 33,F,single, with no kids (probably one of the reasons why I have an intense desire to nurse).

  • Cathy:

    41f looking to relactate. In Salt Lake City area utah . I’m looking for ANR with someone m/f doesn’t matter who has experience in getting milk to flow again. Sounds like a wonderful experience of intimacy that I would enjoy very much. If interested contact me. Zoharacg@gmail.com

  • Titsuckler:

    Im in sacramento xa looking for a female who want ANR ABF.
    My email tikpav@gmail.com

  • blue bear:

    Single woman seeking single mature woman to nurse me and have lt anr/abf in southern CT.

  • derrick:

    male with a few years of being breastfed looking for anr/abf female partner in uk doesnt matter if she is dry or has milk love to suckle and love the feeling and calm that comes with being breastfed dont matter if the is no sex as i just want that bond and and to suckle contact me missingcracker@gmail.com

  • Scott:

    I am a 40 year old white male living in southeastern 92nd looking got a ANR. Not looking for sex. I believe that the adult breastfeeding is healthy and good for the soul.
    Email localonenc0909@gmail.com

  • Scott:

    I am a 40 year old white male living in southeastern NC looking for a ANR. Not looking for sex. I believe that the breastfeeding is healthy and good for the soul.
    Email localonenc0909@gmail.com

  • will:

    White male looking for female to start ABF/ANR with in Western Tidewater Va
    Please email me at will521962@yahoo.com

  • SF:

    looking for woman in Bangladesh

    • CM:

      No one in bangladesh?

    • John kubbat:

      Looking for a woman in bangladesh.

  • 42dds:

    Illinois gal here looking for a female friend to be a secret lover . Females only

  • favobles:

    i need woman from nigeria who is interested in ANR.if any,please .. reply

  • Cam:

    Aloha, I’m a 33yo male in Hawaii, Oahu. I’m looking for a ANR here locally. Are there women interested in this on the island? I’ve been looking and can’t seem to find any. LMK 🙂

  • Jon:

    I’m a 28 y/o male in southeastern PA looking for an ANR. Please email at boice072@gmail.com if interested.

  • Sam:

    I am 28 y/o male in Albuquerque, NM looking for an ANR. Please email at xueshanfeitu@gmail.com if interested. Thanks.

  • Hitman:

    I’m in Winston Salem North Carolina im a 33 year-old male that with a college degree at UNC chapel hill and actually studied the health benefits of anr and I have experience with this first hand I have a college degree and I’m very professional and respectful to you when I’m with you I’m with you no phone calls or texts or emails.. Hit me up 828 676 9188

  • Bill:

    I would love to find an ANR Adult Nursing Relation in Utah.
    I would love to hear from you if you are lactating and interested:


  • I just moved to Raton, New Mexico. I have never been in a ANR but I know that I need it. I had a partner years ago who sucked me so often I could squirt breast milk across the room. But this was not a ANR it was a random thing he liked that arose a need in me he was never willing or interested in. And that was years ago. I didn’t know my desire had a name and a whole crowd of followers who also have the need and desire of that intimacy.
    Is there anyone in Raton by any chance? I am 36f, slender, olive toned.

    I would need you to be local, committed and willing to suckle every given opportunity. I am also extremely sexual, but this is not a sexism sex thing, maybe a bit of a mommy thing I am not sure but I want to nurture you often.

    I am single and willing to enter a long term, trust relationship

    • Kalyan:

      Hi there,
      I’m interested in doing so…
      I’m an INDIAN, if you are still looking I’m ready for a relationship.
      Mail me at kalyansp@gmail.com

    • Nathan:

      Hi beautiful! Are you still looking? 🙂

      • shemakescrazylookgood:

        Nathan, are you local? I have had several replies but none local… As if ANR is even possible long distance? Where do you live?

        • Nathan:

          Hi sorry about the late reply! Checked on this site a few times and not seeing a reply I didn’t look again oops. Well I live in Lincoln Nebraska but am looking to visit and relocate to New Mexico. What are the jobs like in Raton? I would be happy to consider moving there. If you’d like email me at jmach78@yahoo.com. Great username btw.

    • Aaron:

      I am a male living in Santa fe NM…Im 48 years old and always since a teen had a fetish for nursing… I do feel a srong sexual component to it as well as nurturing,..Still in Raton let me know:)

    • Edward:

      Interesting post, I would love to discuss
      With you some things that are in your post…
      & Big Papa says Hi.
      Call if you need to 305- 394- 7300
      I’m hoping to hear from you. 🙄

    • John:

      I’m not far and no clue how old this ad is… but are u still looking ??

    • John:

      Just outside taos

  • urmlkytrt:

    Lactating in Tulsa, OK! Looking for committed ANR. I’m a professional female, DDF, healthy & active. Email urmlkytrt@gmail.com if interested.

  • MrEspinosa:

    Hi, I am from Fresno Ca. I hope that I can find a lactating woman within a driving range from my city. I enjoy suckling. My partners have loved it. If you are inducing, I can be of help too. Suckling is my Nirvana. I know there are women in California that enjoy their breast to be suckled. If you want to start a safe ANR with a selfemploy 30 yr old gentleman, email me at reusej257@gmail.com

  • motheringmazz:

    Hello , this site is great for the introductions, I am new to ABF but getting to be obsessed with the thought of it, I have large 42HH breast, not lactating as yet but would definately consider it with the right partner. I am not sure how old some of these messages are but any man older rather than younger who would like to email me to discuss further please I would love to hear from you.
    thank you

    • Roy:

      Hello Motheringmazz, Where are you located? I would like to find someone in the Jacksonville, Kingsland, GA area.

    • suckler4u:

      Wish you were closer. Would love to be your baby at
      feeding time. Need nurturing mummy to feed me many times a day

  • Rhonda:

    Looking for an ANR in Indiana. Looking for male to help induce lactation for a long term ANR.

    • Christian:

      I am from west central indiana and have been looking for a rns relationship. I love the special bonding that happens when nursing a special lady. Women who have experienced an rns relationship are the best natured woman . I would be so respectful of your time and body,to me you are at the top of the food chain. Hope to hear from you soon.
      Your rns friend

    • Ron:

      Looking for nursing only. anywhere in Ohio

    • Ron:

      Hi rhonda I am west of the indy airport just 10 min. Very much interested in breastfeeding

    • mike:

      i’m in ohio
      want anr also

      email me and lets trade pics
      i’m in dayton oh

    • Dan:

      Hey Rhonda I am in southern Indiana and very interested in ANR if you still are.

  • As an ANR enthusiast and advocate, I truly enjoyed this article. I am currently involved in a fabulous nursing relationship; I have both dry and wet nursed my partner (both experiences were equally amazing), and I am in the process of inducing lactation.

    I’ve recently begun blogging about my journey into ANR; if you’d like to learn more about the lifestyle, lactation, and breastfeeding, please visit http://marriedmilkmaid.blogspot.com

  • Ann:

    Email me at annabannana1982@yahoo.Com if you are still looking

  • Ann:

    In central texas, 33, looking to start an ANR. annabannana1982@yahoo.Com

    • Dear Ann if u now some one in egypt (women) who can help me pls advise

  • Hi my name is marko i am from egypt cairo and i am searching for a woman who can breastfeed me
    please if anyone is interested this is my mail marco.polo2026@gmail.com

  • Roy:

    Hello All, Would like to find a women in the Jacksonville, FL or Kingsland, GA area for breastfeeding services please.

  • i am Ron white male in my 60’s with about 40 yrs. of experience in adult breastfeeding I am wanting and older attractive woman that doesn’t smoke nor drink and no drugs as I am same. I live near Nashville, Tn. I am like a baby when at the breast. If interested this is my email aabbacdd@yahoo.com

    • LeeLee:

      Hi Ron,
      Just checking if you are still looking for an ANR/ABF partner. Please tell me if you are still searching. I am less than an hour from you, and would greatly enjoy a partner. I lactate easily, and truly enjoy it–although all my children are grown.LOL


  • Tony:

    I am a white male, 60, who is very interested in developing a long-term ANR with a female in Central, Ohio. To me, the bond and “connection” is something that is truly special and something that I have wanted for a long time. I am thoughtful and considerate of my partner and am looking for something long-term–and I hope you are too. If interested, please contact me at tgd5410@aol.com. Thank you!!!

  • Christine:

    I’m looking for someone in the new Paltz NY area. Not about sex at all. The women does not have to be lactating. It’s a therapy I stumbled upon when researching about emotional healing Old warnsfrom childhood

  • mark:

    Retired professional SWM with dry/wet suckling experience living in N.E. Ohio (zip 44663) wishes to meet a Lady for an adult nursing relationship. Let’s chat on how I can sastisfy your desires for you to be suckled. Thanks Ladies!!!, you truly are the pride of Mother Nature. Ciao.

  • lisa:

    Guess I’m in wrong state . I want to relacate I have done before its been a year and would still would like to try again breast feed only

  • Joe:

    Like to find a woman for breast feeding in Pennslyvania

  • Elvin:

    Is there any breast feeding women in Puerto Rico?

  • FD3S:

    I would like to find a breast feeding partner near Greece. I am 30 well educated and handsome, you must have the same 🙂

    • ETK123:

      Hi, are you still looking? Would Athens suit? Female looking to be induced:)

      • MysteriousUK:


        if you are willing to stay with me in north London for a few weeks (I am Greek also), I will be happy to help you induce .. 🙂


        • ETK123:

          perhaps:) still in North London or on a Greek holiday by any chance?

  • breastfeeding in east TN:

    Looking for breast in east ten.

    • LeeLee:

      Please tell me more about what you are looking for in a female partner and your age.

  • Vince:

    DFW, TX I am a nice white guy in DFW Looking for a Lady !

  • volta:

    I look about for women kiss

  • Doozy:

    Islamabd anyone? I am 40 m from pakistan.

  • Doozy:

    any lady for anr in islamabad mail me at manfromisb@gmail.com


  • Buddy:

    I’m very interested in ABF in Houston, TX. I believe the benefits far outweigh the weirdness or oddity and would like to know where I could find a partner to do this with.

    • Gaby:

      Email me if you’re still looking. Gabbyhndz1@gmail.com

    • Lovie:

      Are you still looking for a partner? I am in the process of inducing relaxation and my husband jaw hurts too much to get the job done

  • Fresh:

    Male looking for casual ABF in Chicago area. 40 years old 6’2″ tall and 215 lbs. email fresh007@ymail.com

  • Fresh:

    ABF in Chicago area…….email me at fresh007@ymail.com. Looking for women.

  • Aaron:

    Looking for an ANR Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  • Ford:

    Hi, if you can imagine, New York City is not exactly a boomtown for Adult Nursing Relationships. I would love to meet a woman who would love to nurse! I just cannot imagine a more beautiful, warm, natural bond. To have that kind of closeness would be amazing. So if any woman in the NYC area shares my interest, let’s talk, see if there’s a connection, maybe a basis for a relationship! Ford

  • Please stop by the Adult Nursing Relationship website http://www.bountifulfruits.com

  • Susan in Orlando:

    I have wanted to do this for some time. I’m looking for a man or woman.
    Email me if your interested
    today is June 18,2016

    • David:

      Hi Susan
      Just wondering if you are still looking for someone to nurse.

    • Mark:

      If u are still looking e mail mark70592@gmail.com

    • Dave:

      Hi Susan
      I am visiting Orlando for a week
      Just wondering if you still want someone to suckle

  • Joe:

    I am looking for an ANR partner that lives near bay area, I live in San Jose CA
    I would love to hear from you if you are lactating even pregnant and interested: pataebay@gmail.com

  • Doug:

    Love to find an ANR in Toronto and area with a women….


    • Kelly:

      I am not too far from Toronto……

      Are you still looking?

  • Nicholas:

    Hi my name is nick I’m 21 and I just learned about this and thought I’d give it a try. I live in Hacienda heights California text me if your interested (626)826-2448

  • Michael:

    Any woman who is looking for a male partner to Breastfeed in UK Midlands I can travel
    I am a 35 and willing to try

  • Joe:

    Married in Tulsa Oklahoma, seeking ANR with a clean friendly woman. i am a vet, retired early and looking for milk! please!

  • Greg:

    I do wish to have ANR. Is Anyone available in Hong Kong. Kindly let me know….Thanks…”greg@live.hk”

  • Thomas:

    Male looking for adult nursing relationship in Seattle

  • Ann:

    Needing anr Regina sk area, swf, has breastfed before, wishing for anr now. 47 yrs old.

  • Ann:

    Regina area

  • Dan:

    I live in the Fayetteville NC area. I’ve been interested in this for the exact same reasons that are in the article. Would love to have this with a woman who is mature,intelligent big breast and big pussy lips and can squirt as well or would like to learn to squirt and me swallow it.I like to swallow breast milk and cum together.That’s the ultimate bond you can have with a woman.My 47 year old girlfriend are very experienced and were very experienced with pleasing the womans clit and g spot together for maximum effect,Looking for a woman who can join my girlfriend and me into a long term ANR and drinking cum relationship that gives safety and bond than

  • Stephanie:

    Any males ot there be willing to help me get my milk flowing again? My fiancée and I need help. We are both bi.we are looking for either male or female to join us.my breasts are 44DDD.hes is suckling now I’m dry he works a lot seven days a week but he’s on my breast as much as he can.when he is on the breast it’s usually an hour. We are looking for either male or female. We will return the favor. If we have a female I will and so will my fiancée by suckling. If interest contact me by text message at 810-336-5073. We are in Michigan.

    • Mark:

      Hi Stephanie, I am not sure when this was posted or if you are still interested. Please email me at michiganmark7@gmail.com if you are and we can touch base from there. Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Sean:

    If there are any women in the Grand Rapids, MI area, I’m definitely looking. I watched videos on how this is done and enjoy a woman who lacerated or just likes to go through the motions. I am handsome looking and not gross and I’m 37

  • jason:

    Abdl wanting to find a caring person to breastfeed me in the missouri area jasonjasonwi1903@yahoo.com

  • Ted:

    Any SoCal ladies looking to be suckled. ANR. funwithwords39@yahoo.com

  • John:

    Hi all, 30 year old male from the Seattle area looking for an ANR female. Can be lactation or re-lactation. Look forward to talking with you, thank you!

  • John:

    Hi all, 30 year old male from the Seattle area looking for an ANR female. Can be lactation or re-lactation. Look forward to talking with you, thank you! dawgs1613@yahoo.com

  • Mark:

    Looking for an ANR/ABF relationship in Michigan or Northern Ohio. Please send any interest to michiganmark7@gmail.com and I will respond with more information about me. Thank you

  • Mamamilk:

    I’m in East Sussex, UK. Looking for a clean, healthy, intelligent respectful man for an anr. I am available most weekends for frequent nursing. Milk supply is nearly gone after weaning my youngest boy and would like to explore anr. Xx

    • Harley:

      hi there mama milk. I’m Harley, 30 from London. Would easily be available to meet In East Sussex if you still interested in anr. Message me on harleybouy1@yahoo.co.uk

    • MysteriousUK:


      I live relatively close to East Sussex .. Please contact me for a chat .. I will be happy to help .. 🙂


  • Lovetonurse:

    I recently started an ANR with my boyfriend, it started out with him sucking on my nipples, which i thoroughly enjoy, but then he commented on how he wished i could actually nurse him. We decided to try and relactate, I nursed all four of my kids who are now grown. We started on a friday after work and he dry nursed every 2 to 3 hours for 20 minutes at a time on each breast. I also started taking a supplement. We were faithful to the 2 to 3 hour schedule and believe it or not I was producing some squirting milk by that night. My nipples are still very tender and my first day at work all day and i am engorged. Now I cant wait to get home and have him nurse and relieve this pressure. We are now 5 days in and we love the bond we are creating and it has relieved alot of stress and we both relax while nursing so much. This may be a fetish, but I feel great and love the relationship with him,

  • Lovetonurse:

    sorry, we produced milk by the 3rd night.

  • Andrew:

    I am a 27 yo male looking for a women to whom I can do this with. I live in Houston, TX.

    • MILKY J:

      So close yet so far. I stay in Copperas Cove and looking for ANR male partner. But we are 5-6hrs away from each other.

  • Karen:

    33 Single black professional female seeking a Longterm ANR with a professional male.
    E-mail: Ebonylitebbw@aol.com or Kik: Legallysweet00

  • Monica:

    Hi, I live in the West Midlands UK, I am looking to have a male or female suckle of me & help me to lactate I like to breastfeed & I’d like to be fed.

    • Dawar:

      Hi I m dawar from london. 28 male . Looking for anr partner. You can kik dawaryazdani. Or mail me dawaryazdani@yahoo.co.uk

    • MysteriousUK:


      Whereabouts are you based? Please contact me for a chat ..


    • paul:


      I live in the West Midlands too and im trying to find someone to breastfeed me.

    • Taz:

      Hi Monica

      I love breast feeding/nurturing/milk and am also West Midlands based. Please email me xx

  • Mr Mysterious:

    51yo male in Lynnwood, WA looking for an ANR. Would love to experience the health benefits of the ANR and from the milk. Willing to help the woman lactate,

  • Mr Mysterious:

    If you are 25-45 and interested in an ANR in or near Lynnwood, WA, contact me at Mr_Mysterious007@yahoo.com

  • Rabbit:

    I’m a man and would love to try this, any women in New York interested?

  • Garth:

    I am a man and would love to find a women for ANR. Bundaberg Qld Australia.

    • Gile:

      Hi Garth. Are you still interested in ANR?

  • Darren:

    Hello everyone. I’m Darrenand I’m a 49y.o. DBM longing and working in Memphis. I’m just a guy seeking a connection with a woman. Friend, lover, nursing partner and more. We’re all here because of a shared desire but for me it’s not casual at all. I couldn’t do a one time suckling for someone. It’s a relationship and I actually want to know my latchmate and have a friendship that goes beyond our nursing connection. For me ANR is connection and commitment in a way that no other relationship can match. To truly become one flesh daily by receiving my woman’s body into my own to make it a part of mine. Being there for my partner and allowing her to be fulfilled in feeding and nurturing me. Not a day goes by without the pangs of that longing stabbing at me. More importantly, this is a lifestyle choice and not a fetish. It’s something I want to be able to live day and night with a woman who see’s her identity as a milk provider for her mate. It is my very real sensual desired reality. I hope it’s yours also.

    Today is September 7th, 2016
    Please reply to dls914@gmail.com I will happily exchange photos with you and correspond sincerely and respectfully. Please, let me reiterate that this is not a fetish for me but a relationship that I desire. Not one time and not now and then but every day and night as often as the two of us can manage. Please tell me that there is one woman in my area who is just as desirous or at least willing to take the leap of faith to find her forever latch mate.

    Thank you for your indulgence.


  • Darren:

    As a post script and for ease of correspondence I also use Google Hangouts with the above email address.

  • B-ry:

    I luve in Syracuse NY… i am 28, experienced in ANR. Looking for a woman to allow me to nurse. Nursingfordays@aol

    PLEASE I hope a good woman replies

  • Karamel:

    I am on the southside of Atlanta, Georgia and I am looking for assistance with relactating. I prefer a female but I will consider a male.

  • Danielle:

    If you’re looking for an ANR try checking out http://www.adultbreastfeedingworld.com

  • Daniel man:

    I am looking for a woman to have a long term relationship with her based on anr and I am very interesting about this experience and want it and I think I can suckle all day

  • Christine:

    Hello. I live in N.P. I am a 36 year old female looking for an ANR. Totally not sexual. Hope to hear back from you!

    • jim:

      Hello Christine,

      You indicated N.P. is that North Port Florida? I am divorce professional male in Ft.Myers, FL.

      I do not know how old you post is at this date.

      Jim – hotchair2@yahoo.com

  • Kevin:

    I am looking for an Adult Nursing relationship near Orlando , Florida. I am willing to nurse wet or dry daily. Thanks. Contact me at kevinellis8888@gmail.com

  • Don:

    I am a 58 yo wm who is looking for a sexless breast feeding relationship in the quad cities, iowa area

    • Kyle:

      Don, I’m interested if you are still seeking an ANR partner.

  • mark:

    Middle age SWM hoping to serve a Lady who is seeking a committed and understanding partner to nurse at her breasts when She so desires. Have wet/dry nursing experience. N.E. Ohio (zip 44663) in rural area South of Canton Ohio. mlkmn@hotmail.com

  • LifegiverinWY:

    Looking for interested partner to suck, I am in lander WY but also travel to Pocatello, ID. No freaks or criminals, looking to. It’s after losing my son. Thanks!

  • jean:

    Im in atlanta g.a. im looking for a faithful a.n.r. Hit me up. 4702597450. Im 22 , originally from Paris. Raised in atlanta . if intrested feel free to text me first to let me know wassup.

  • John D.:

    Looking in Saint Paul, MN.

  • lvbb:

    I am a 27 male, really love playing and sucking boobs, It, llombbaaardia
    Kik me: hakhik

  • Nathan B.:

    I have never had a anr but im interested in starting one with a female that wants to have a anr. I live in Van Buren, Ar.

  • Erika:

    Never had an anr before but would like to start one. I’m trying to lactate and would like for someone to keep my supply going. I have a large chest but they are all natural. Live in Atlanta.

    • jean:

      Hi erika. I live in atlanta Georgia. I would love go be you .a.n.r. I dont think people are taking me seriously because of my age. But i am far from joking.

    • Yash:

      Hi Erika,

      I lived in Atlanta Ga area and would love to be ANR partner. I am Asian and D&D Free. Please contact me if you are interested.

    • Love to ABF/ANR:


      Will love to be your ABF/ANR. I am Asian and love to find somebody who is interested in ABF/ANR. I am in Atlanta GA area.

    • Lovefreshmilk:


      I am in Atlanta area and I am Indian. I will love to be your ABF.

  • Matt:

    I am seeking an ANR, I love to gently suck on breasts for a long time. I am looking for someone in Cambridge. I can travel as far as London.

    A bit about me: I am 27, I enjoy going on walks in nature and making music, as well as listening to lots of music.

    If you live in Cambridge and are seeking an ANR from a friendly, respectful guy, get in touch.


    Contact me at cambridgeukrelationship@gmail,com

  • Adrian:

    I want someone to breast me

  • Adrian:

    Sorry i meant breastfeed me. Any ladies in northen cali?

  • Adrian:

    Can someone just breast feed me?

  • Rob:

    I was always interested in ANR, but never knew there was such a large community out there. I live in central NJ and am interested in meeting somone to..donate. Im 40 y.o. white male. Love meeting new people, but nervous about a discreet encounter. Is anyone out there near me?

  • I Want to be breastfeed, were can I find some one who will breastfeed me?

  • I all so will drink from both breasts. Empty.

  • Rence:

    Looking for a lady for ANR in west palm beach FL

  • Patti:

    I’m looking for a long term ANR in the Portland Oregon area.

  • Yash:

    Like to find a woman for breast feeding in Atlanta GA area

  • Yash:

    Looking for a lady for ANR in Atlanta GA

  • Tess:

    Im looking for a male to have an ANR. I’m not currently lactating but would love to find someone to help me again. Im 45 attractive average build &healthy.Must be discreet . Bucyrus Ohio

  • PicFan:

    I am a woman who is interested in an ANR with or without the milk. (hope I said that right) Tampa area

    • colorwhat:

      I just read your personal posted message with great interest. Curious to find out if you still searching for a male partner for anr/abf?
      I am swm age 63 college graduate that is interested in applying for your consideration as I am located in St. Petersburg.
      My email is: whatcolor@ymail.com

  • Nathan B.:

    Im still looking for a ANR close to Fort Smith, Ar. Any women out there interested? Give me a holler.

  • Ted:

    That is supposed to say NC not NYC… I am near charlotte

  • Ted in NC:

    Just saw that there is a Ted in Ca so I changed my name to Ted in NC. I am an attractive, clean professional and very fit, 45 year old Caucasian near charlotte. Have always wanted to try this bonding experience.

  • Marc:

    Hey all. I’m a 32 year male in Seattle and looking for a lactating women to breastfeed from. I’m sane, educated, and down to earth. I’ve been looking for awhile but am having a tough time finding a partner that is already lactating. If you’re interested, reach out. I’d love to hear from you! 512-812-2151 or seattlecajun@gmail.com

  • Valerie:

    I’m 50, how does one start relactating?

    • Austin:

      Hi Valerie,

      I would be happy to help you with the suckling needed to start lactating (as well as help with the other aspects like cost of herbs and other items) I am in California (Campbell, near San Jose). I am looking to help someone start lactating or adult breastfeed. I’m clean, no drugs, no smoking, etc. If anyone else is in my area, then please let me know. We can meet for lunch or something first to get to know each other. austinpowers143@hotmail.com

    • Vsanchez:

      I am a married Female 32 in Tacoma who wants to start breastfeeding a male man. I need a man to help me start relactating so you would start dry sucking until I can produce milk my husband is not interested says it’s not for him . I would like to start asap .Im a 38b so nothing extravagant here just want to do this for me i dont smoke or do drugs.

  • Isabel:

    I am a 33 years old Latina. I am in a committed relationship that includes nursing. Unfortunately my boyfriend will be deploying in April and will be gone for one year. In the meantime we would like to find a female surrogate to suckle from my breasts while he is gone. Ideally this would be long-term and consistent. I am also open to it becoming sexual if We both decide to go that route. I live in the Sacramento area. Ideally the three of us would meet before he deploys so that we can have a nursing session together.

  • Ron:

    I am west of the indy airport and I am looking for a good woman who would like an anr relationship

  • Lee:

    Hi, I’m 21 years old in Brampton, Ontario and I’m looking for a woman to breastfeed me. I just want to feel the warmth and love of woman while suckling on her breast. You can email me at levargordon17@gmail.com

  • Julian:

    I’m a young 20 yr old male looking for a female to enjoy an ANR relationship with. I live in the OC County in California. Do not hesitate to contact me, I look forward to such an exhilrating bond. Email at tunnyfunny1@gmail.com

  • mark:

    Middle-age SWM with previous wet/dry suckling experience. Hoping to earn the friendship of a Lady in the Wooster, Ohio area to satisfy her desires to be suckled. No sex, just long sessions of gently nursing at your breast! Ladies, you truly all are Mother Nature’s Gift to all of mankind! Thanks! m.

  • Sarah:

    Pregnant wanting to get to know someone before I lactate. Ijess19@gmail.com also contact me if your into pregnancy fetish.

    • Nathan B.:

      Hi there Sarah. I was wondering where you are located at? Im in Van Buren, Ar. Would you like to email each other? . I hope you e-mail me. Thank you, Nathan

  • Antonio:

    White muscular sweet nurturing male looking for ANR in the Toronto Ontario area my Kik is antonioitalianosuave
    I’m 48 and have very into ABF/ANR and have had it in a wonderful non sexual relationship before and am also open to a sexual relationship, should we both want that.

  • Amy:

    Interested in starting relactation, dry suckling and hopefully into lactation. In a rural Illinois area, not sure if there is anyone out this way looking for suckling.

  • Dean:

    Hi im looking for breastfeeding friendship with a woman either wet or dry nursing eet nursing preferred. Id would also be happy to assist in relactation with a single woman or married couple. Im not looking for a sexual friendship just nursing to enjoy that feeling of closeness with some one. Im located in Canberra Australia but am regularly on the NSW South coast in Broulee or Batemans Bay. I suffer from arthritis and have done since an early age. I had relief while be breast fed how and why i dont but it worked. If any one is wanting a nursing friendship / partner please get in touch so we could discuss and possibly meet to see if it would work. Regards Michael

  • Women only please. Hello we are a couple she is lactating and would like to experiment with another woman. Would you be interested? He would love to suckle you as well if thats ok. We are both good looking 29 and will be looking forward to hearing from you all.

    No MEN. Email us at mattemail1987 gmail

  • van:

    Looking for a female in Stuttgart or germany ( BW area) for anr/abf. I am open for dry suckling as well..Write to me @ banbbf@gmail.com

  • Jon Roberts:

    Well I just found there’s a website devoted to the topic: http://lactation.wiki

  • Blue bear:

    I would like to find a mature single woman for a long term anr friendship in CT

  • Sherry:

    I’m a mature woman (49 ) seeking an anr. I’m in Eastern NC (Wilson, NC) . I’m currently dry but had a tiny droplet of milk appear from one of my breasts. Seeking someone sincere about the monogamous relationship part of anr. I’m seeking a natural born straight adult male only please . Happyface.sherry@gmail.com or kik Angeliclittle

  • sam:

    i live in chicago, i m male 28 years ols
    looking for breastfeeding for my health
    i m skinny

  • Jenise:

    Seeking a female , for another female in central NJ. That enjoys being dry suckled. Non smoker preferred. Mid age preferred

  • Rafael:

    Some girl from San Antonio to breastfeeding

  • Jason:

    Safe guy in Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky, looking for a lady that is interested in a possible ANR,, if this is you please mail me at jasonslooking@gmail.com

  • Jacob:

    Hello, I am seeking someone to breast feed me in Phoenix Az long term. I’m 50 yr old male who is also interested I the abdl lifestyle and would be open to a combination relationship.

  • Noah:

    I miss the closeness of doing this with a woman.
    It is very meaningful to have her run her hand through my hair, kiss me on the cheek or forehead, and hear her say “Good baby” while I am suckling.

    Anyone woman in San Antonio, Texas?
    It means a lot to me to know that SHE enjoys it.

  • MJ:

    Riverside, CA here 6 months pregnant and lonely

    • T:

      Still looking? Would love to help

    • Frank:

      How may i help you with that?

  • John:

    Looking for NJ woman…thanks for reply

  • vmani:

    Interested in ANR if you are a lady and sendemail to vmani101 at yahoo dot com in pennsylvania

  • Hiii, I am from India. I am very much interested in breast feeding. I really like to have milk everyday. If tgere is some body interested kindly reply.

  • me:

    Seeking ANR partner in West Texas….basin/trans pecos area. 60, fit….want the nourishment anr comes with.

  • Mike:

    Looking for a women in Charlotte or surrounding area for ABF

  • Tim in nc:

    Hi, I am interested in anr and abf and am in Raleigh, NC. I am a white professional male, safe, sane and respectful. I am in my mid thirties and looking to meet someone. Please email me at 25ncguy2@gmail.com. Thanks!

  • Indy:

    Mature friendly British Indian guy looking for breast feeding and can also help with inducing lactation with like minded women who have a strong desire to breast feed, i am based in central midlands, UK and can meet at mines or could also travel to where you are. Would like to chat and get to know you first to see if this will work for us, message me at luvbreasts@gmail.com if you are interested.

  • Leo:

    Hello, I’m looking for someone who like ANR, induced lactation, I would like to suckle breasts for hours without anything for me. If you’re in Scarborough, Whitby area north Yorkshire please let me know. Kik messenger John3990

  • Richard:

    Hi there. Looking for a ANR friendship in the Indianapolis area. Please call me at 317-652-3818 or email me at anrforever70@gmail.com Thanks, Richard.

  • Bob:

    Looking for ABF/ANR in Dayton , oh area .
    Clean, single, no drama. smoke and drug free.

    Thank you!

  • Bob:

    P.S. Posted 10/14/17
    ANR/ABF in Dayton area

  • fred:


  • Ro:

    Late response.
    Anyone from India??

  • John:

    Looking 4 a woman to feed from here in NC

  • Erica:

    I would like to start anr. Want to start lactating again and keep my supply plentiful. I love my breast full of milk and then have man to suckle from my breast until I’m dry. I’m in the Atlanta area.

    • -A:

      Erica I’m in the Atlanta area and am interested in trying this. I’m a clean no d&d 31 YO white male. Shoot me an email di12az@outlook.com

  • Joshua:

    Hi I’m looking for a breastfeeding partner at any age between 20-60. Either wet or dry nursing, induced lactating, or would also be happy to assist in relactation with a single woman or married couple. Im not looking for a sexual friendship just nursing to enjoy.

    Please be located in Westchester County, Ulster County, Dutchess County in New York.

    I’m very nurturing and down to earth young adult man.

    Please email with any specific questions.

  • David J.:

    Male looking for female in Western NC who wants an ABF partner.

  • Melissa:

    Looking for ANR with the possibility of a sexual component. In Lexington, Ky.

  • B.:

    Hello, I am looking for a lactation partner in the Central Oregon area. I am a man in Bend, Oregon, age 30, healthy, kind, fit, down to earth, and good looking.

    Connection and chemistry are important to me and I don’t care much about age, weight, height, etc. Please be a non-smoker, drug and disease free, and in good health with a relatively clean diet. I look forward to connecting with anyone interested! Thank you. Comment here or contact me at myotheraccnthere@gmail.com

  • Israel Jungerman:

    Im looking for a young woman would injoyed a man sucking on breastfeeding in Denton tx Please look me up.
    940-230-7072 thank you.

  • Israel Jungerman:

    Denton tx or Dallas tx

  • Lanette:

    I want to start lactating and adult breastfeeding, I’m in Tucson AZ please email if interested. usmcgirl77@yahoo.com

  • Jack:

    Would love to find a woman I. Southern California that will entertain the idea of allowing a mature, married man suckle from her breasts. Once enjoyed a very comforting and loving suckling relationship with my wife until complications from breast cancer interfered with our relationship. Looking forward to your response.

  • Oz:

    39 years old single Latino male seeking a ANR relationship. I live in Houston, TX. I have been carefully looking for ABF/ANR for a year or more and still looking for the right situation. Could be part of a bigger relationship. or could be just what we agree it will be. I hope we can start a conversation.
    I am super respectful, easy on the eyes, a very very open communicator, and bring a lot of heart and warmth to any conversation we might have. You can email me ozbad78@gmail.com or text me @ 832-557-1788 Hope to hear from

  • Darrelle Leigh:

    Hi. I am an affectionate passionate middle-aged gentleman from Hampton Roads Virginia and I am searching for a sincere adult nursing relationship. my first experience with lactating women took place in the 90s and both were by accident. one was with an older girlfriend who had a daughter 4 years old but as we were being intimate she started to lactate. It was a tremendous turn on that I have missed ever since. I am a romantic laidback attentive person who is a single, African American male.

  • hu-cowboy69:

    Looking for an older woman who would like to feed a man in the sf bay area , 6’2″ mixed black. 9258090712. I’m really hungry.

  • Allen Lane:

    Hi, I’m a good single guy looking for a lovely lady for an ANR, around the Ottawa region, I’ve never had this but always wanted to, allenlane8894@gmail.com, would love to hear from you;)

  • Mark Hoosier:

    I’m on the north side of Indianapolis. I’m a responsible, professional, sane man interested in finding a partner. Email hoosiermark44@gmail.com for more information to get to know each other for a potential match.

  • Luv2share:

    Single female lives in central MA looking for an ANR. Desire to give of my breasts to satisfy that need for connection. Not interested in kink seeking but in establhimg intimacy through the the suckling experience. Experienced burning-lactating.

    No smokers or aggressive men. I desire this connection on a Long term basis and would love to find someone who is as committed to it as I am.

    Would relocate to enjoy the daily ANR experience 😊

  • Luv2share:

    That should read experienced NON-lactating

  • Al:

    Hi! Im looking to try adult breastfeeding, im looking a women to do breastfeeding in Toronto area, im male, 43 athletic. Anyone in Toronto????

  • Darrick:

    Anyone in Oregon?
    I’m to find a women to provide me some nuturing.lol

  • whatcolor@ymail.com:

    I am searching for an open minded woman for anr/abf in Tampa Bay. The woman that has incredibly sensitive breasts that likes to nurse. That has breasts that like to be touched, The woman that like to feel a warm hand on them. A woman likes her breasts to be caressed with a man’s tongue and of course the LOVES to be nursed. That likes attention of any type.That just want someone who is willing to meet sometimes who likes to nurse as much as her partner desires to nurse. Someone that would meet whenever we could and spend our time nursing, Also if you are already in a relationship where you are not getting the nursing you need I understand and can work around that to keep you safe. I am not looking for sex so if that is important to you it is best you go somewhere else. Thank you for reading this posted message and consideration.

  • Richard:

    Looking for ANR in Salt lake city Utah. If interested please contact me at anrforever70@gmail.com Thanks.

  • Mr Thirsty:

    53 yo male in Lynnwood, WA seriously looking for an ANR / ABF. If you are interested, please contact me at anr.abf2@gmail.com. Please send a current picture of yourself and tell me something about you.

  • colorwhat:

    SWM age 63 searching for ANR relationship that is an intense bond with a woman in Tampa Bay, Florida. It is a feeling that the two of you can not be separated. It’s hard to put into words how intense it can be and I’ve craved it more than you could ever imagine but there has to be more than just ANR there has to be a relationship as well and I’ve never really had that so I can only imagine what it would be like to have a partner who I can connect with on that many levels of a relationship.

  • tom:

    In cincy.would love tosuckle you. love it.

  • Tom:

    Male in Cincinnati wanting anr/abf. Wet or dry. Pregnant ok. Did before very satisfying. Retired ,help meeting. Know what I like. Sincere about this. contact at tjewellsr@yahoo.com if wanting serious man who loves this.

  • Richard:

    Any mature woman in the Indianapolis Indiana area looking for adult breastfeeding ? My email is anrforever70@gmail.com

  • Orlando:

    Looking for a female in Orlando. Please email me at Orlandosveryown@hotmail.com

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