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Facts About Farts: Passing Gas Facts Revealed

Facts About Farts: Passing Gas Facts Revealed

“Beans, beans, the musical fruit… beans, beans, they make you…”

Oh, farting. That’s the topic of this article. Gas. Passing gas. Cutting the cheese. Let one rip. Breaking wind. Poot. Toot. Morning Thunder.

I’m sure you could come up with a much longer list if you just stop a moment to think about it. I actually knew a woman once so offended by farting or passing gas that she would instantly turn bright red and become embarrassed and flushed at the mere thought of it.

Yet, there really is nothing to be embarrassed about where farting or passing gas is concerned. Much like urination and defecation and blinking and breathing, farting is just a fact of life. It’s a simple, biological function, and, in fact, is absolutely necessary in order for a human being to be healthy!

How much do you know about farting? I bet you don’t know as much as you think, and that’s why I’m writing this article that is all about farting, little known facts about passing gas and farting. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about farting but were afraid to ask!

What is human gas?

You’ve probably seen the old jokes on television about being able to light a fart on fire, but did you know that contrary to popular belief, most farts don’t contain methane? In fact, most gas passed by humans is an oxygen/nitrogen mix.

If farts aren’t methane, why do they stink?

Well, I didn’t say all farts weren’t methane. Depending on what you’ve eaten, some people can have trace elements of methane in their intestinal gases, but the worst smells actually come from hydrogen sulfide, another gas. Also, the more nitrogen rich your diet is, the worse farts are going to smell. Diet plays a big part of passing gas and how stinky your farts might be.

Can you light a fart, since it’s all gas?

Yes, although, contrary to the humorous television shows, trying to light a fart as it escapes your butt is actually extremely dangerous. To my male readers: This was not a challenge, but rather a warning.

Is farting a lot normal?

Well, that depends on how much is a lot to you. The average person farts somewhere between 12-16 times per day. If you’ve eaten foods known to produce gas, you can expect this to be more frequent.

Who farts more, men or women?

Neither. Men and women fart the same amount, assuming they eat similar diets. However, men do seem to have a tendency to be more proud of their farts. In my home, there’s a male ritual known as a farting contest. Of course, there’s a belching contest too. The men in my life are pretty much full of hot air and gas.

Will I explode if I hold farts in and never let one out?

Nah, but the rumor is that if you hold your farts in during the day and suppress the natural tendency to release gas, then you will release all that pent up gas in your sleep. If you live with someone, they will likely be much more aware of this than you are.

Can excessive farting cause sexual problems?

Only if your partner refuses to have sex with you because you’re stinking up the place.

Little Known Fart Trivia

Fart is both a noun and a verb

You can see farts in the air when it’s really cold outside.

A person can still fart for a short time after death.

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