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Exercises to Firm Up Sagging Breasts Naturally Without Surgery

Perky Breasts Without Costly and Dangerous Surgery

Let’s face it, ladies: our breasts aren’t the same as they were when we were younger. It doesn’t matter what age you are, that statement is still always going to be true. For some of us, though, after having children, gaining and losing weight (sometimes repeatedly), breastfeeding and simply getting older, our breasts lose the perkiness of youth and begin to sag.

Fortunately, there is a solution to help firm up and undroop those sagging breasts, naturally and without surgery. Granted, these techniques won’t work as well as surgery, and nothing you do, even expensive surgery, will ever give you back the breasts you had when you were 18, but these proven exercises can help give your confidence and your breasts a boost.

Push ups Help Firm up Sagging Breasts Naturally

Without surgery, without cutting open your skin, you can simply flop down on your belly and push yourself right back up with your arms. Push ups aren’t the easiest exercise to do, but they will build the muscles behind the breast tissue, giving your breast a bit of a boost forward as the muscle tones and enlarges.

Free Weight ‘Winging’ Firms up Sagging Breasts without Surgery

Taking two free weights or dumbbells, each weighing about 1-5 pounds, depending on your strength, you can stand with the dumbbells, one in each hand, hanging at your side and then lift them up like you’re a bird trying to flap his wings. This builds a slightly different muscle in the breast area of the chest, behind the breasts, and will help keep breasts from ‘slipping off’ to the side when you lie down.

Bench Press with Light Weight Firms Sagging Breasts Naturally

This is especially true when slightly inclined, because the angle, when you lift straight up, helps target the right muscle in your chest to push your breasts forward. Use as much or as little weight as you’re comfortable lifting, bring the bar of the weights down to your chest, and then lift and repeat.

Arm Resistance Exercises Perk up Breasts without Surgery

Taking both arms in front of you, make a prayer pose, bringing both hands together, flat palms touching. Press your palms together as hard as you can, and you should feel the muscle in the breast area this triggers. That’s the muscle you want to work to help firm up sagging breasts. Using exercise bands, an exercise bar with resistance, or simply your own arms and hands, you want to press and release your hands together and apart several times while triggering this muscle. You can also pull your arms apart with resistance for the same effect.

Practicing Proper Posture Perks up Breasts

When we are standing up straight, belly in, chest out, our breasts will appear firmer and perkier than when we slouch and exhibit poor posture. Think back to when we were younger and a guy we liked walked in the room. The first thing we’d do is sit up straight and thrust out our chest, right? It works the same now as it did back then!

Firm Breasts Aren’t Everything

These exercises work to strengthen and enlarge the muscles behind your breasts, which will then push forward the breast tissue, making your breasts larger and appear less droopy. Wearing a good, supportive bra can do the same, as well as practicing good posture and wearing flattering clothing. The muscle building techniques won’t really increase your breast size, neither will it change the texture or feel of your breasts much. Your breasts will still be all natural, soft and beautiful just like they should be, without surgery, but with these exercises, you can reduce the appearance of breast sagginess.

Keep in mind, even with surgery, if you don’t take care of your breasts and do these exercises, eventually, your hard money and pain and suffering will have been for naught when your breasts begin to sag again.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind every woman to have a breast examination at least once per year performed by a physician, along with monthly self exams, and be sure that all women over 35 or so have an annual mammogram. Perky breasts won’t matter so much if cancer takes its toll.

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